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Hello! Let’s just talk


Okay, so here’s the thing.  The new format isn’t really working for me.  Is it working for you?  No?  Good.

I just cannot be pigeonholed into a routine.  I just can’t.  I know that is what creates a community – regular postings on certain things – because, you know, us humans do like routine, but honestly it is just too freaking hard.  Not only that, it stifles my own creativity.  The words just don’t seem to flow if I HAVE to write something.

So how about we just talk?  And I might throw in a card and scrapbook page every now and again.    Let’s just see how it rolls okay?

I would love to hear from you, you know.  Do feel free to leave a comment below.

So let’s get down to it.

Today is Remembrance day.  We don’t get a holiday here in Australia, but we do mention it, and I know of a few people that honour the two minutes’ silence at 11am.

I can never remember frankly.  It’s not that I am not grateful for all those men and women that gave up their life so that I may have the freedom I enjoy now, it is just, well, life is so very busy.  Which I know is the point.  You should slow down, close your eyes and remember.  I know.  Maybe next year.  I’ll try to remember it next year.

What I did think of, though is my grandfather.  He fought in the second world war in Africa and Italy until he was injured in Rome.  He never spoke about the war, but when he hit his nineties he got dementia and then he would think he was back in the war.  He would make his bed like he was back in the army barracks and there was shouting about saving a child whilst he held a blanket in his arms as if he was holding a baby.

War totally and utterly sucks, especially for those that have to live and fight in it.

I hate war.

I hate the capacity of humanity to turn on each other and do the atrocious things we do.

It saddens me and feeds my already spiralling depression.

So let’s not talk about that.

Let’s talk about goodness, and kindness, and a world worth living in.

Let’s talk about how despite our capacity to annihilate ourselves and each other, we haven’t done that yet which must mean, on balance, there is way more good in then world than bad.  Right?

Let’s talk about all the beautiful, amazing, wondrous things there are in the world. (Here, here and here)

Let’s talk about at the incredible things that happen that just take our breath away.

Or we can talk about what you had for dinner.

Me, salmon and baked beans.

I know, right?  What’s with salmon and baked beans.  Well, I shall tell you.  I was meant to be making the vegetables that were to go with said salmon, except I got distracted (and this happens A LOT), so Mr C just opened a tin of baked beans instead.  It was in fact quite delicious.  One might even call it a winning combination, although probably not on Jamie Oliver’s list.  No photo I’m afraid, because, let’s face it, who really wants to look at other peoples’ dinners.  Not me.

Good chat.

Until next time,

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Robin Williams has died and the world has gone mad


I’m meant to be studying.

As I try to focus on my readings about how language determines thought processes, how most things are a construct, that before the late 1800s there was no categories of a person being either heterosexual or homosexual, it was just deemed that as a person you had the propensity to either like the same sex or the opposite sex, my mind keeps wandering.

I cannot concentrate.

Our world is in crisis.

Last night I walked into the kitchen, “Did you see this?” Mr C asked.

He had paused the TV.  On it was an image of a young boy holding up something quite large that had been blacked out, with something else that had been blacked out at the bottom of the screen.

I looked at my husband confused.

What you are seeing there is a Facebook status of the father of a 9 year old boy, holding up a cut off head, with the comment below of ‘that’s my boy’, or something to that effect.”

I looked at him, my hand immediately clasping at my mouth.   A little scream escaped.

It’s not a human head?” I asked, praying like hell it wasn’t.

It is, Sarah.  Apparently it’s an Iranian’s head.  The boy is Australian.  Apparently, they have fled to Syria.

Without warning, I just burst into tears.  A gnawing at my gut immediately gripped me and I had to bend over, resting my head on the bread board on my bench.

What the fuck is happening to this world of ours?  What is happening to the media that it feels it is okay to give this evil fanaticism air time?  I had an urge to find out about the story, but resisted it.  I had seen the image, I didn’t need to know the back story.  There was no story that would ever make that okay.  Ever.

All of last night my heart felt sick.  So much war and devastation, so much inhumanity.  Even though it isn’t right on our door step, we get to live it each and every night with images of people being blown out of the sky, and into smithereens, and body bags being chucked about and heads being held up like trophies.  Tears stained my pillow as I fell into a dark slumber.

And then I woke up and Robin Williams had died.  Robin Williams, who had given the world so much joy and laughter, whose wit was uncompromising, whose humanity shone from him like the brightest lighthouse for miles around, whose very existence gave us common folk a reprieve from all that nastiness that we have to endure, had taken his life.  Because, even for him, the world was just too much to bear.

Sadness does not begin to describe how I am feeling right now.  Twitter is agog with the loss of Robin.  If only he had known how very much he was loved.

We need a new direction.  Humanity needs a change.  The definition of humanity needs something new.  We need to let the media know that this is not okay.  That the forms of entertainment and news currently on offer are not acceptable.  Our children do not need to see those images.  They do not need to become desensitised to war and death and evil.  They do not need to see a 9 year old holding up a human head as if that is a perfectly okay image to see.  Oh my god, on so many levels, it is so not okay.

And people who suffer with depression need to be taken seriously, dammit.  People should not be feeling so exasperated with the world that they feel compelled to take their own lives.  Why are we not doing more about this?

Please tell me that you get this.  Please tell me that you see, as I do, there is a mental madness going on in the world and that we need to fight to change it.  Our discourse has to change.  Somewhere, somehow, we need to make this stop.

It’s hard to study today.  It just seems so trivial in a world gone mad.

Until next time,

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If you are feeling overwhelmed and you feel the need to speak to someone, please please call Life Line in your country.  In Australia, the number is 13 11 14.



Why humans are not all that smart

For my next post, I wanted it to be really upbeat.  I am a deep thinker, somewhat prone to the melancholy, so I thought that the next time I write, I’m going to try to balance said melancholoy with a little bit of lightheartedness.

Not going to happen.

Not today anyway.

I woke up feeling very sad this morning.  Not in an I’m-so-depressed-my-life-sucks kind of way.  More like, I-truly-wish-I-wasn’t-a-human kind of way.

Humans are purported to be the most sentient, evolved beings on earth.  Apparently not.  Apparently all the intelligence and “awareness” of our existence and mortality isn’t enough to stop us from blowing each other to smithereens, from oppressing those less fortunate from us, from creating an ‘otherness’ mentality to justify said atrocities, from pitting humans against each other in the name of entertainment.

Historically, in my opinion, the only thing that has evolved for us is technology.  This has created more ways to abuse each other and, worse, kill each other.  Our humanity, which I define as the ability to transcend our urge to annihilate one another, has not evolved at all.  We are still animals – territorial, violent, oppressive, greedy and power hungry.  How do I know this?  The media is full of it.  Apparently, this is what sells.  This is what drives us, what us ‘humans’ want to see.

It’s very depressing.  Especially for a melancholic person like me.

I like to call my melancholia the Eeyore Syndrome.  You know Eeyore right?  The sad little donkey in Winnie the Pooh.  I always felt for that little guy.  Always surrounded by his joyful little friends but never quite being able to enjoy life in quite the same way they did.  He always seemed to know instinctively that what they were celebrating or enjoying was not quite the real picture, that beneath that veneer of love, friendship and joy was the reality of a world that was hard and cold.

I’m with Eeyore.

Despite meme after meme adorning the interweb telling me to look around and see the beautiful world for what it truly is, to enjoy living every moment, to live in the moment, to love myself for the beautiful person that I am, I cannot.  The world, whilst perhaps rich in physical natural beauty, is not a great place to live.

How can it be when programs like The Bachelor adorn our screens pitting 24 women against each other to vie for the attention of one man.  Where we watch these women tear each other down, night after night, in a desperate attempt to get him to like her.  We haven’t evolved.  We have just bought lion fighting in the Colosseum to our little black screens in our living rooms.  The premise is still the same.  Pitting humans against each other all for entertainment of the masses.

How can the world be a great place when, whilst we are watching our ‘entertaining’ reality shows where humans tear each other down, other people across the globe are actually living a hell of war and devastation, funded largely by the western countries that produce this entertainment for us?

Do you see the theme?  The power hungry few feed the masses mindless entertainment, whilst funding mass warfare against countries (probably to control resources – at least that’s the conspiracy theory).  Us mindless few lap up said entertainment and “feel sorry” for those other people over there who are being killed and shit.

If we try to do anything about it, for example, protest, leak secret documents about the inhumanity of those in power or dare to write about the injustice of it all, we are branded a traitor and arrested.

In his book, A Brave New World, written in 1931, Aldous Huxley foretold this.  Huxley wrote of a dire world in which future governments would encourage mass entertainment, knowing it would pacify the people and divert them from political issues, how this fixation on entertainment would drown our desire for real knowledge and how society would allow itself to be so consumed with this entertainment, that it would disregard anything of any real importance.  Huxley clearly could not have had any idea how prophetic his book would be.

So what is to be done?

We could sit back and say, as people always have done, that there is nothing we can do.  That those in power have the means and power to oppress, create and maintain wars, bully us into submission.  And to that I say bullshit.

We have the means to make ourselves heard.

We can boycott the mindless entertainment, we can write and speak out against the atrocities the human race continues to inflict on each other, we can make a conscious choice to stand up and say ENOUGH!  We can think about a world in which we would like our children and their children to live and we can strive towards that.  We can take an interest in the people that would like to run our country and make an effort to vet them.  We can choose not to vote into power a man who stood at a protest rally next to a sign that said the words “Ditch the Bitch”.

As a melancholic person I constantly have to remind myself that I do have choices.  That this isn’t the way it has to be.  That, as an individual living in a crazy, violent world, I can make a difference.  You can too.  Believe it.

I once read that the only thing that separates humans from animals is not our intelligence, or that we have better technology, it our capacity to hope.  Hope for a better future, hope that one day we can defeat death, hope that no matter how shit it is today, tomorrow will bring more light.

I have learned that my melancholia is not a bad thing, some defect inside my brain.  Rather it is a response.  A response to the reality that surrounds us, but we so often choose not to see.  But I have hope, and through that hope the ability to choose, and that is what will make a difference.

How are you feeling about the world around you?  Have you wanted to make a difference?  Do you feel like me sometimes?

Until next time,

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Much love,