Poetry {Another Day}


Another Day

I stir from my slumber,

Groggy from a night that did not let me rest

I should be doing something.

A sense of urgency.


Washing on the line.

I run.

Feet pain on gravelled ground

Ripping clothes,

pegs flying everywhere

A basket full of clothes,

largely dry, rest at my feet.


This definitely calls for tea

The basket beckons me

Sorting, ironing, putting away

No rest for the wicked.

Another day has begun.


Poetry {Family}

Sometimes blood, sometimes not
Always there no matter what
Different landscapes in the design
It doesn’t matter, that’s just fine
It’s where you hang your soul to say
Come with me, let’s hit this day
Your tribe, your vibe, your merry throng
It’s in your heart, your family song.
You love, you cry, you laugh, you fight
The family grabs you with all its might
And when you feel life has no more
It wraps you to the very core.
Not always, mind, we can’t deny
Not everyone hits that family high
But that’s the beauty of it all
Family is the rise and fall
It is our sun, our moon and stars
Usually the place we get our scars
They make us and bake us, for all to see
This mad creation we call FAMILY.

by Sarah Cox

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