And so it begins

2013 is well and truly upon me.  It hasn’t been a quiet start to the year.  Lots has happened.  New years on a boat in Melbourne harbour (that was fun!), my dad coming over from the UK with his new partner (perhaps not so fun adjusting, but nice anyway), school starting for JC and Jay moving in with Baby C ( a bit of a long story for another post perhaps).

I have a lot to do this year.  I have enrolled to do a psychology degree, you see (I have NO idea why) and I have Jay’s 21st coming up.  And I’m turning 45.  Did I say 45?  Yes, that would be 45!

That’s so young!  I hear you cry.

Not to me it isn’t.  As my sister-in-law so adequately stated.  Yes, Sarah,, you have now really and truly lived half your life.  Thanks.

In case you hadn’t noticed, of late, I’m a glass half-empty kind of girl.  I have found myself reflecting on my life (in between the daily rush of school runs, baby poo and everything else that is my life, that is) and I have decided that before I die, I need to know the sweet taste of skinnydom.  It’s a cop out, I know.  Succumbing to the vagaries of the media world telling us that thin is good and fat is bad.  I don’t care.  I want to saunter into Myers and try on a REALLY expensive size 12 designer outfit.  True, I may look like mutton dressed up as lamb, but that isn’t the point is it.  It’s just knowing you can.  I have to taste that feeling.

My daughter is getting married next year and I cannot face being a frumpy mother of the bride (Mrs Bucket from Keeping up Appearances keeps popping into my head).

I have 34 kilograms to lose in 20 months.  That has to be doable right?

I need to admit right now that I am a merry-go-round dieter.  That is a dieter who signs up for a different diet with startling regularity, only to cancel the membership when it hasn’t worked (read, when they haven’t even attempted to stick with the diet).  They, meaning I, then moves on to the next thing that will promise vast shedding of pounds hopefully without the necessity to give up chocolate.

This week is a case in point. On Monday, I signed up with weight watchers online.  It was going swimmingly for a couple of days and then suddenly my anniversary came along and well, a massive bucket of popcorn, chocolate pods, chilli prawns and cheesecake later,  it went to pot.  I couldn’t bring myself to log my points.

Never fear, biggest loser is here.  Well, it will be in a few weeks.  So, cancelling my WW membership, I have signed up for biggest loser.  This is what we do,  you see, us fatties, we are multiple diet membership owners.  My reasoning is that I will be doing the biggest loser with those brave souls who will be on the telly, celebrating every win with them and going through all the hardships (okay, perhaps not ALL the hardships).  I start tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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