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Well hello there and welcome to Sarah’s Heart Writes.

I am Sarah (of course) and this is where I write, literally, from the heart.  In a world that seems to be gripped by fear, by hatred and by inhumanity, I use this space to search for the kind, the just and the humanity.  Because I believe it does exist, and that it is our responsibility to go searching for it.

I write about whatever moves me on the day and because of that, there is no theme or niche (as us bloggers like to call it).

What you will also find is a snapshot of my life and the issues that affect me on any given day.  These may be issues that affect you too and hopefully we can find a solution, or laugh and cry together.  These are our moments in time, if you will.

A little about me:

I am a tri-nation girl, holding nationalities in three countries: England (birth), South Africa (childhood) and Australia (middle adulthood).

I currently reside in Melbourne, which I absolutely love.

I live in a suburban house, but my heart longs for the country.  I’m still working on that dream becoming a reality.

I am a wife, mum and grandmother.  I love all three roles dearly, but am passionate about maintaining my identity as a woman in my own right.

I am a champion of social justice, compassion and kindness.  It is my belief that we all inhabit this earth with equal right.  It is our duty to take of her and each other.  Survival of the species and all that.  Plus being nice just feels good.

I live to write.  I have done since I was born.  It is in my DNA.  Writing oozes out of my pores which is a good thing because words stored in my head can make things a bit messy.

I only recently gave in to my desire to write.  For the longest time I believed I could never make it as a writer, that I was never good enough.  So much talent is wasted because people don’t believe they are good enough.  I decided to be brave and write anyway.  I don’t ask permission to breathe.  For me, writing is breathing.  Being able to breathe is essential to thriving, to living a good life.  It is good to breathe.

I hope you enjoy my little corner here and leave inspired to be more kind to yourself, to live your own form of breathing, whatever that may be, because believe me, the world needs it.

From my heart to yours,

Love Sarah x

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